About Us

If you’ve been to one of our ADEX shows in Singapore, China, or India, you’ll know the excitement of wandering around the booths – scouting for the best deals for your next dive trip or course, learning about unique dive destinations and testing out the latest equipment.

With ADEX Pixel Marketplace, we want to bring this same experience to you all year round, while making it a top priority that the community stays safe in the current climate.

Our mission at ADEX Pixel is to continue convening our community of divers and exhibitors even while event venues are shut. With our one-stop dive shop, we’ll have you ready and raring to go once the oceans and skies are open again.

If you’re new to ADEX, welcome! We’re so pleased to be able to grow our community beyond our physical locations. And do drop us a note if you’d like to see an ADEX show near you next year!